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» Quiz: Are you a member of the Trench Coat Mafia?
Are you a member of the Trench Coat Mafia?
created by NightmareinBlack

The famed group of people walking about in black Trench coats and dusters, yet some are fucked up....and some just love doom. Are you in?

1.) Whats your favorite Color?

2.) Whats your weapon of choice?
A baseball bat
9mm carbine
A cap gun
Armalite AR-10 Gas Powered Semi-Automatic weapon.

3.) Whats your motive for joining?
Tired of being picked on.
To belong to a group.
Just to be
You love black, it excites you.
Its just a cover to carry out your plans of revenge.

4.) How do you want to die?
Murdered by a friend.
Go down in a hail of bullets.
Killed by the cops, now no-one will forget me.
I don't want to die, I love you all. ;)
I'll set up fort infront of a popeyes and blow myself up, FREE CHICKEN FOR ALL!

5.) If you could take revenge on anyone, who would it be?
Your family.
Your classmates.
Your so called
George W. Bush and Micheal Jackson
Vengence isn't worth it.
The people, the voices tell me to kill.

6.) How would you take revenge?
Massive School Rampage.
Violently Molest them and their pet.
Pour bleach all over them and set them on fire?
Revenge is stupid....
Go and shoot them and their friends.

7.) Best place to go on a rampage?
School, during lunchtime.
A gas station, so when it blows up....all the gaslines go ka-boom!
A family re-union.
A thanks-giving day parade?
A Nazi Ralley.
You're basement?

8.) Best date to carry out your plans?
This friday, when I get pizza.

9.) Whats your favorite movie?
The Crow
Nightmare on Elm Street.
Any porno movie.
Starwars: The Empire Strikes Back!
How Stella Got her Groove Back.

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