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» Quiz: What Kind of Demon are you?
What Kind of Demon are you?
created by Suicidal Charm

do you alter destiny, play pranks, stimulate lust and perversion, or bring about war?

1.) You see someone about to achieve their most desired dream, you...
Make them choke up and cause them to fail.
Play pranks on them
Ask them if they want to have sex as a reward
Bring someone that is a threat o their achievement

2.) You are invited to the wedding of one who you still love, you..
Tell them their bride/groom has cheated on them
Put Poison Ivy in the Brides Flowers
try to have sex witht he bride/groom before they walk down the asile
Tell the brides family that the grooms family just wants in on the life insurance and accidents are bound to happen

3.) You see a couple in their foolishly open window and they're about to have sex, you..
Make the condom break
unscrew all the bolts on the bed, HAHA!
watch the entire show
start a fight between them

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