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» Quiz: What kind of cutter am i?
What kind of cutter am i?
created by Lovely_Suicide

choose if u want 2

1.) What do i use to cut?
Anything thats sharp and pointy and will make me bleed or leave marks
My razor thats hidden beneath my pillow
Sharp things
Pins and needles i dont want to cause myself alot of pain

2.) Where do i cut?
Alot of paces that i can't count
wrists along the veins
Where it hurts the most i want to release my pain
Neck and face and hands

3.) What are my poems mainly based on?
my piain
their happy and fun

4.) What do i do at night before i go to bed?
Cut myself
Think about suicide and what i need to do and what keeps failing
turn my music up really loud
watch telly and eat cookies

5.) Whats my favourite colour?
fluro yellow fluro colours yeah!
depressing colours
anything that resembles my pain
white and cream and brown
none of them

6.) What cutter do u think i am?
The cutter that dosn't care where u are r wat u do it with u just do it
Sad and lonely
Cut veins cutter
ATTENTION SEEKER MONGREL!!!!try real pain grrrrr
none of them

7.) I have a razor wat do i do with it?
cut deep
cut everywhere
think i should shave my legs
cry from the pain of it all

8.) This quiz is boring
damn striaght
i dont care
boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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