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» Quiz: How Will You Die(Brutal Pics)
How Will You Die(Brutal Pics)
created by fidou2

How will you die jump off building get murdered ect (BruTal PiCs)

1.) Why Would You Want To Die?
Because my life sucks
I wouldnt what to die never ever
Peaple want to kill me but i dont want to die
i wouldnt want to die but id risk my life for entertainment to peaple

2.) What kind of person are you?
i dont know a regular person
a person who likes to fuck with peaple :)

3.) what would you do if some preppy girl came up to you and said ur ugly what would you do?
say i know ima loner
hit her in the face
walk away and continue with life
call her a bitch slutty hoe and go away

4.) how would you like to die?
kill Urself
i dont want to
doing sumthing scary to impress peaple

5.) what do you think of peaple?
They suck and i want to kill myself when there around
i love peaple
i dont know

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