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» Quiz: What Cutter Fits You Best
What Cutter Fits You Best
created by Sick_Freak

1.) When you see anything that will cut your skin you most likely pick the item up because you...
Just got into something and are very sad
Want to feel the pain and see the blood drip to the floor
Do it because you have nothing better to do with life
Want to see if you really live in this world
Want a little fun in your life and cutting is fun in your eyes

2.) You and your parents got into a fight and your thinking on cutting yourself why?
Because you love your parents and fighting makes you sad
Because you love to pick fights with your parents and you love cutting
Dont know whats on your mind and your just doing all this stuff with out knowing
Hate your parents, love the fights and the pain of cutting
You dont mean to fight just happens our just messed up right now dont know if your really there

3.) Your sitting in your room its dark your razor blade is next to you why do you pick it up
You hate life and just cant stand it everything is falling apart
See if you really see what you see
because your messed up in the head
Just for the funnyness and fun of the cutting
To see your blood and feel the blade into your skin cutting it open

4.) Your in class and you start thinking of bad memories you run to the bathroom with your knife what do you do
cut yourself and cry
look at the knife and do a little cut
cut yourself all over everywhere on your body
cut your arm big and laugh and giggle
cut your vain watching the blood and crying from the pain

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