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» Quiz: What self-mutilation emotion sequence are you?
What self-mutilation emotion sequence are you?
created by Emo_Death_Wish

1.) When you get the urge to cut/salt/burn/etc. what is your first feeling?
Tight and nervous
Like you're no good and can't do anything right
Like you are too naive and anyone could coerce you
Like no one cares about you or loves you
Spaced out kind of floaty
Scared maybe an anxiety attack happening

2.) What is your feeling during it
Joy maybe you taste your blood
Like you're having a load of fun, you are getting a rush
Happy with everything
Gratitude towards yourself
Released like everything has just let go
Like you can do anything, completely in control
Like you kinda wanna hit someone or something
Angry and hating

3.) What do you feel when you are done
Bad, you don't want anyone to know what you did
Stupid, you're better than that
Weird astonished that you just did that
Like you're going crazy
Very sad
Very very sad
Loving the scars you made

4.) What do you do when you're done?
Tell someone and cry a lot
Show no one wear long sleeves everyday
Cut more
Put band aids/gauze/no skin stick tape on it
Wash away all the blood thinking it will change what you've done
Bang your head against a wall, or consult your friend who lives under your bed
Decide you are going to kill yourself on your birthday or prom night
Don't do anything and let people see your scars, but because you are proud of them not because you cut for attention

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