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» Quiz: Nascar driver
Nascar driver
created by Stewart

Stewart, Dale Jr.? Jeff? who are you, one way to fine out!

1.) Your main problem?
My Engine blows up in a few races... but with the help of Pepsi and everyone, I'm ok
how dare they take my points away... you say one curse word..... they should dock some pay... but points stay on the board!
Man... I wouldn't hit him if he didn't push my buttons!

2.) Fav Color?
lots... Blue I guess
Black, white... I donno....

3.) Track?
Road Races
Short tracks
any track!!!

4.) You drink?

5.) G/F? Wife? (B/f)
had a wife....
Well. I had girl friends, but i dont like the controling type..
I got a nice one now..

6.) Worse fear?
Reporters... and that Ray guy... I dont WANT to hurt him.... but if he gets he's crew in my pit box again...
Not being able to race... or A repeat of what happen to my dad
Loosing my wonderfull sponsers

7.) Number?

8.) so.... He says he is gonna kick your ass...
what?! why?!
Hey dude, we can work this out... but... if you dont calm down

9.) you relised you dont like pepsi
Suck it up anyways....drink for the cameras
...oh well
I like Coke anyways...
drinks coke, Huh?

10.) you are in the lead, final lap, the Bush takes you out
You turn your car around and blow up his radator with your fender
you try to avoid people, but yell Some kids shouldn't even be out there in a camera
say well.... thats.... racing.... and hold back tears

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