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» Quiz: What is your dream car?
What is your dream car?
created by Kissylynn

Find out what kind of car you should be driving...

1.) How fast do you drive?
Man, Earnhart Jr. couldn't catch me!
I usually drive the 5 over....that's about it though...I'm no speed demon
Well, I would drive faster if my car would let me....lol
Floor it! And watch me fly past those fancy little cars!
Heh, did a snail just pass me?

2.) Do looks matter on a car?
Hell yeah, they do.....you think I can pick up chicks in a beat up piece of crap?
Sure, but they're not that important....as long as it looks aight....
Eh, not really....still driving this baby...even with the dents :)
The bigger, the better....I can ram people out of my way if I have to lol

3.) Do you like to go cruisin'?
Oh hell yeah, it's fun....racing, meeting new people, etc
Eh, it's aight
Sure, but hope they don't notice the dent in my passanger door lol....if they do, oh well....
Yeah, it's a lot of fun showing off and making those fancy cars with the fancy preps behind the whell look stupid :)
Nah, what a waste of gas

4.) What's your favorite color?
Anything bright and out there....yellow, orange, etc....
Blues and greens....
Black, white, etc....they just look sharp
Um....jkdhfiudyghduikgh, that's my answer, buddy!

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