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» Quiz: What Formula One Team are you?
What Formula One Team are you?
created by vampyrx

Find out who you'd be if you were a F1 team!

1.) Whos your favourite F1 driver ?
Michael Schumacher
Anyone who drives for Mclaren!
Erm i don't really know
Ralf Schumacher
Jenson Button
No really its Jenson Button!

2.) Whats your favourite colour?
Dark Blue
Light Blue
None of these

3.) Do you like to to be the favourite or underdog?
Favourite, i'm always the favourite
Underdog, i love surprising people
Not so much a underdog but a dark horse!
I used to like been a favourite now i'm beginning to get back to my best
Couldn't care less

4.) Whats the best place on the starting grid?
At the front obviously
Erm anywhere its pot luck were i end up
at the back
More towards the front than the back

5.) Do you like the rain?
i love it
I hate it
Does it matter??
I prefer Snow
I do a rain dance every day

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