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» Quiz: What Champ Car Driver are YOU??
What Champ Car Driver are YOU??
created by percussion_gurl

self explaintory

1.) When you are driving in a race what is your driving style?
Agressively, do ANYTHING to win even if I push others off the track
Cool, calm and collected, with a flair of agression when needed. Driving of a CHAMP!
What I have to DRIVE?! I'm only a rookie
I am only good when I am leading, otherwise I cause trouble for other drivers
Agressively, but also causiously, push the car to the max but not overboard

2.) What is my favorite country?
United Kingdom
La belle France
Oh Canada!
United States

3.) What is my favorite team in champ cars
number 6 Newman/Haas racing
Mi Jack Conquest Racing
number 2 Newman/Haas
Forsythe Championship Racing

4.) What am I most known for?
My height, I can barely get into my car and my year in F1
My agressive overtaking
The astounding job I did winning 2 titles in 2 rookie years in series
F3000 champion and racing in Le Mans, France
Finishing runner up in title hunt 2 years in a row

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