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» Quiz: How much road rage do you have?
How much road rage do you have?
created by dveagri

This quiz predicts how much anger you display and how ofter you try to gain revenge while driving.

1.) Answer these questions as if you were the driver in these situations. If someone turns in front of you and causes you to suddenly brake, what would you do later?
Yell at the dumb ass. They deserve it!
Pass them, yell at them or flick them off, then cut them off suddenly. Hey, they need to learn a lesson, right?
Get mad, but then I decide to count to 10, and then resume driving.
I would remember that he is just human, and all humans make mistakes. Violence never solves anything!
Pass them and cut them off suddenly. They need to feel what it is like to suddenly brake.
Throw some object at him (like a rock or a brick)

2.) If an SUV makes a lane change, without using their turn signal, what would be your reaction?
No reaction, many people do it, so maybe it's a new trend.
Since it's an SUV, do nothing, as they do not have any control over their brains. But if it were any other vehicle, I would yell at them.
Eye for an eye. Pass them, and cut them off without signaling. Perhaps they will learn to use the signal next time.
Yell at them! Tell them that turn signals don't move themselves. Advise them to move their fat chubby hand and hit the damn signal.
Well, I'd be a little pissed, but it happens alot. I would let it go after a second or two.
I would maximize my horsepower, and pass their ass. Then I would yell at them for not signaling, cut them off, not signal, and laugh in their face when they almost crash.

3.) Some smart ass teenagers are blaring out their rap music. You secretly have a 1,000 wat amp that would easy teach them a lesson. What do you do?
Teach them a lesson of course. Blare them out. Why would I have a 1,000 watt amp if I didn't use it for such situations?
Signal to them that they need to turn down their music. Rap is the number one cause of hearing loss, and we don't need to listen to that crap.
Signal to them to turn down their music. If they don't, then blow their asses out with the power of my amp.
Blare them out with my superior amp. Then, if any of them give any funny looks or gestures, head to their car and beat the living shit out of it.
Blare them out. If they attempt to blow me out, I would keep cranking up the volume. Who cares about others around me? I have a point to prove!
Just ignore it. There's no point in showing off the power of my amp when i can just keep things peaceful.

4.) Uh-oh! The stop light is turning red, and if you don't run it, you'll be stuck for a long time. What do you do?
Run it! Damnit! Run it!
Run it, but only because I am in a hurry
Flip a coin, so to speak.
I might think about it, but I'd probably stop since it's the law.
I'd definitely stop. Since there's no reason to risk breaking the law...
Run it, with only slight regrets.

5.) You are on a small country road. another car is coming. But, you need to get someplace in a hurry at the time. What do you do?
Safety first. Pull over to the shoulder and let the car drive by. Then you can get back to drving.
Screw them. It's all about me, and I need to get somewhere now. Let them pull over and let me get to where I am going!
I'd at least pull over to the shoulder of the road to avoid hitting them, but still, I can't spare any time, so I'll have to maintain the same speed.
Ride the shoulder and slow down a tad. But, they might get a few bits of gravel flung at them when i zoom by.
Well, I'd pull over, and I would slow down, but not to the point where I am completely stopped.
Assume that they will pull over, and pass them with you barely pulling over. It might be risky, but I must get to my location!

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