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» Quiz: Auto Identity
Auto Identity
created by zen

Originally written by SugarFree in the test section.

1.) What do usually have for breakfast?
Breakfast?? I don't have time for breakfast
Cereal with toast
Depends on what I am in the mood for
A balanced meal, with proper serving from all of the food groups

2.) What aspect of yourself is most important?
Being happy
Finishing everything I start
My health
My looks, because that what gets you places this day an age

3.) What colors are most appealing to you?
Red and Black, They are sleek, sexy, and never go out of style
Yellow and White, They are pure, happy, and peaceful
Purple and Green, They are unique, and thoughtful
Orange and Pink, They are wild and adventurous
Blue and Brown, They are comforting and average

4.) What does Success mean to you?
Success in Career: You want to be at the top of the line and reeling in the dough
Success in family: You want to get married and raise a wholesome family
Success in Living: You want your life to be an everlasting adventurous
Success: You want to be great at all aspect of your life, and live life to its full potential

5.) What does you daily routine sound most like?
Wake up, get ready, school/work, home, sleep
Wake up, exercise, school/work, hobby, sleep
Wake up. School/work, TV, Family time, sleep
Wake up. School/work, TV, Family time, sleep

6.) Its dinner time what is on your plate?
Fillet Minion, Steamed broccoli
Caesar salad, Chicken, and bread
Beef tacos, chips and salsa
Hamburger/Hot-dog, fries, and beans

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