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» Quiz: WoUlD i LeT u FuK mE (Bi & LeZ ShAwTiEz OnLy)

created by TriniMami

Ima fyne black female who luvz sex sex SEX!!!!!

1.) Im 5'10, gotz dark brown hair in braidz at da moment, deep brown eyez, dark chocolate skin cumplexion, dd size titz, a phatty(phat ass), thick thighz, juicy luscious lipz, sexi smile & face, and a flat stomach. If i came ta ya door wearin nuttin but a tiny tube top and a mini leatha skirt datz so short u could c da bottum of my ass wat would u do?
Grab my hand,pull me in,push me against the wall and fuk me hard
Slam da door in my face.......u dont wanna b seen wit no slut
Bring me inta da house sit on da couch wit me and hold me all nite ass we softly kiss turnin into makin out

2.) Wat iz ur nationality?
Mixed wit black/latino black(latino)/asian black(latino)/white
Y Da Fuck Do It Matta

3.) Senario: U and a sexi female(possibly me) r trapt together in a building which iz locked down for 48 hourz u look at hurr deep into hurr eyez and u can feel the sexual tension risin she cumz ova 2 u and strokz ya arm wit her soft unbearably temptin touch wat do u do?
Push her away and stay on ur side of da room
Rip off her and ur clothez and make luv ta her da entire time ur thur
Take off her blouse and suck her titz while u both make out

4.) U have jus got a new hot tub and pool and u invite me ova wat happenz while im ova?
U ignore me da whole nite and ask me ta leave at 10:00
U stay close ta me da hole nite and end up takin off my bikini top and make out wit me
U throw me in da hot tub and suck my titz az u finga me,den u eventualy eat my pussy out suck all da sweet juiciez and end up goin upstairz fa da nite

5.) Wat Age Group do u fall into?
26 and up

6.) U jus got a new apartment and u invited me ova wat are we doin tonite?
We get naked,go into ur room and fuk all nite long
We get sum food and den i leave
We lay on da couch,watch sum t.v,make out a lil bit den u take me inta ur bedroom where we mess around

7.) U cum ova ta my house while im havin a lil whip cream parti ive got whip cream on my titz,all ova my ass, and ive got it all ova my pussy wit caramel every where else how do u help me take it off?
point me to da showa
u like eat da whip cream off and u lick da caramel off, den we go fuk will me take a showa
u lick da whip cream off my titz den jus make out wit me
u leave
U take me inta da shower wit u
Rip off ya clothez & eat me out rite thur den eventualy take it ta da showa & afta dat go inta my room where we finga fuk and eat & suck on each otha

8.) Im in a mini skirt wit no undawear and i bend ova(ummmm........sweet, juicy, black pussy) wat do u do?
Stick ya tounge in
Look away
Put ya finga(z) in
take of ya clothez fast, get unda me and rub ya pussy all ova me
smack my ass, make out wit me, get unda me and eat me out

9.) im naked and all of a suden i stick my pussy rite ova ya face so itz in plain view of u wat iz u gunna do?
U would kick me out ya way
Start playin wit/eatin my pussy workin ya way up ta my titz and bak down so gud da all u hear iz :::MOANZ:::
Put ya tounge in.....(datz madd obvious)
jus a lil tounge and fingaz

10.) Did u get turned on durrin dis?
NO ...... dis waz bull shit
a lil
Im Madd Wet Rite Now
Ima mastabatin rite now

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