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» Quiz: Which Playing Card Are You?
Which Playing Card Are You?
created by zen

Find out which of the more interesting Cards in the Deck represent you.

1.) You go out to dinner with a group of friends. When the bill comes, one member of the group forgot to bring any money. What do you do?
Offer to pay your friends bill yourself.
Cross your arms, scowl, refuse to help, and lecture your friend about being more responsible.
Tell them that they can win help of money from the group only by performing some embarasing task for your amusement.
Laugh and make joke at your friends expense!
Work out a loan with them requiring a payback with interest.

2.) Your mother gives you twenty dollars and asks you to run to the corner store and get some milk. On the way back you run into a homeless man.
Stop and chat with the homeless man, laugh it up and give him all of your mothers change.
You offer the man 5 dollars from the change, knowing that you can explain your charity to your mother.
Yell at the man to 'GET A JOB!'
Leer threateningly at the homeless man as you pass.
Find a policeman and complain of a vagrant on the streets.

3.) The phone rings interupting what you were doing. It is a solicitor selling crap.
Hang up immediately.
Listen until they are done talking and then politely inform them you are not interested.
Play along and act like you are interested just to mess with their head. Then hang up.
Yell at them for being such idiots interupting your important time.
You never answered the phone because you screen all your calls.

4.) How did you find this quiz?
I did a search (Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc)
You saw it posted in someone's journal or blog.
I took a different test/quiz on this site and found this one.
I'm a zenhex.com member already

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