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» Quiz: Which Detective Conan Character Are You? (Jap Names)
Which Detective Conan Character Are You? (Jap Names)
created by X_Jimmy_Kudo_X

Find out if you're the super slueth Shinichi Kudo, or the drunk mofo, Koguro Mouri.

1.) What do you like better?
The opposite sex

2.) At the scene of a crime, what are you most likey gonna do?
Look for evidence
Jump to conclusions

3.) If you fell in love with your childhood best friend, what would you do about it?
Deny it all the time
Try hard to admit it to them
Say it to them, to see how they react, and if you get a bad reaction, say you were just kidding
Ask to have sex :P
Desperatly try to hide it, but it just bursts out of you

4.) What do you do to your competition?
Desperatly try to show em up
Train hard, so you can match up against them
Curse them to hell
Nothing at all

5.) If you were attacked by a mysterious organization, and given a drug that was supposed to kill you, but only made you a small child what would you do?
Find someone whom you think has also been turned into a kid by the poision
Tell no one, except people that can help
Confide in your best friends, and family
Tell only someone smarter than you, and whom you can trust

6.) If you were staying at a house, where a murder just took place, and someone was just about to attack the person you care about most, what would you do?
Kick their ass
Slam them onto the ground
Scream for help
Shield them with your own body

7.) What do you think is most important when solving a case?
Good common sense, and knowledge of how people's minds work
A keen eye for details
Being able to state the obvious

8.) If the person you love, calls once and a while, but doesn't ask how you're feeling, then what do you think it means?
You don't care, cause if they really loved you back, they'd be there with you
Get angry at them, but deep down, it doesn't matter cuz U still love them
Feel heartbroken, because they don't feel for you the way you thought you did
Suspect they're somewhere nearby, keeping an eye on you
Investigate, to see if they're two-timing you

9.) If someone you think commited a murder, but their alibi is airtight, what would you do?
Keep acusing them until they admit it
Forget it, it has nothing to do with you
Search for clues, because anybody's alibi can be comprimsed
Make up a possible theory of how they commited the murder

10.) And finally, the most important question...which of these phrases do you hold with honor
Just kidding!
With a keen eye for details, one truth prevails
Why do today, if you can put off until tommorow
All facts lead up to one truth!

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