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» Quiz: What Cuss Word Are You?
What Cuss Word Are You?
created by bananahred

Find out what cuss word you REALLY are?

1.) What apeeals to you most?
whooping somebodys ass
spitting in your enemies hair
triping over your back in class
forgetting your blunt for a party
raping your longtime crush in the girls bathroom

2.) Sorry, but you know what I'm asking...
Ass-troid Orange
Frog Green
those colors suck ass-cheeks!

3.) What would you rather do on the weekend?
Go over to my crushes house and fuck his brains out!
Catch up on my last 15 homework assignments
take a long ass shit!
egg innocent peoples house, and steal there mailboxes.
Jump anybody who is wearing white shirts...(fukking KKK's)

4.) A goth calls you a poser you?
Forget about that shit!
Walk away but fill there lockers with dog shit...
Run over to them and bash there heads in with my soccer cleets
Remind myself that I am indeed a poser.
walks over to the goth and ask him if hes horny

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