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» Quiz: what kind of drug are you? (includes pictures)
what kind of drug are you? (includes pictures)
created by psytekk

what kind of drug are you, really? other than all the other quizzes, this one has more results, including pictures! take the test, and see you're results come on, what are you waiting for?

1.) what's youre favorite kind of music?
pop music, anything in the charts.
trippy kinds of music, such as goa, psytrance, buttrock goa, (oldskool) acid and progressive trance.
things like speedcore, hardcore and tekno.
rock and grunge.
old hippie kind's of music.
only the fastest!
music? anykind of electronic music.tzzzrrkkrrr look at meeeeeei'm a big green bird and my hair is made of noodles.
tekno and acid.
some acid, rave and psytrance, but i also like things like rock and/or pop.
punk and rock.
none of the listed.

2.) when it comes to taking drugs..
you rather swallow pills.
eat or smoke it.
smoke it.
sniff it.
rather swallow, but don't like al those chemicals.
drink or sniff it.

3.) descibe your friends.
relaxed, laid back.
my brother is an pink elephant.does any one have some cookies?
we love going to clubs and getting drunk.teeee-heeee.and flirt with sexy guys/girls..man, i'm getting laid tonight!
crazy, sort of anyway. adrenaline lovers too.
alway seaching for a bigger rush of adrenaline.
the biggest rush is yet to come, live fast - die young.
we love going to parties and dancing all night long..flaothing on the music, dreaming of sounds.
we like going to festivals and stuff, smoking some.. sometimes trying a little more.
listening to punkrock, going to cool artists, relaxing.
we love listening to some goa together,becoming the sounds.
fast, faster, fastest.
I have no friends.

4.) last but not least: pick a color
silver or gold.
blue and purple stripes.
neon colors.
i love every single color.heart.
the russians are comming!quick, put on a baseballcap,then i will eat this lemon pie.
greeeeeen, dude.green.
i like flowers..daisy's.isn't that a color?oh, in that casebrown.
happy colors,like pink, red an light green.
anything fast.
yellow.(or in some cases pink)

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