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» Quiz: What kind of stoner are you?
What kind of stoner are you?
created by is

1.) What color appeals to you the most?

2.) Someone offers you a hit from a bong or joint, and you:
Take a couple hits and manage to moisten it for the next guy.
Take a couple quick hits and pass it on, noticing its cache state.
Look around the room, wondering who is trustworthy and who has called the cops that are peeking through the window waiting to bust you.
Take a hit and offer to do a pwerhit with someone whose bones you want to jump.
Stop there. I don't do drugs (except the legal ones, like synthetic pharmaceuticals and fast food).
Take a couple hits and lie back to let my mind wander the cosmos...
Take a hit, but just this once, everyone else is doing it, right? So why not.
Pass, as you don't want the THC from a single hit to taint the drug test you have to take in a week.

3.) Which of these are you most likely to read:
Something about the wonders of hemp.
Something on the net detailing the latest government conspiracy.
Anything with hotties in it.
A magazine. Any magazine, it doesn't really matter.
Anything, as long as it's not drug related. Quit trying to make me do drugs!
Anything by Terrence Mckenna.
Whatever's the current book of the month or bestseller.

4.) What kind of music do you like?
It deppends on the mood - my smoking buddies and I usually pick out exactly the right thing.
Something not too loud, I don't want anyone to know there's a party going on.
Something that either makes them want to dance provacatively or very, very close. Or both.
I like most kinds. Except rap.
Trance, techno, something synthesized or just far out there...
Whatever's on is fine with me.

5.) It's a well planned Friday night and you are:
Smoking out with my buds, of course! Maybe we're contemplating tripping on something too...
Riding to a friends for some fun times, following every cop with your eyes until they leave your field of vision.
Dressed to kill and pimped out, looking for a party with the highest ratio of hotties to competition.
Studying, working, maybe out to toss back a few with some friends.
Calling all my friends, trying to find out who's got what and where.
Heading to the get together you've been invited to, slightly intrigued by rumors of al ittle intoxication of the green kind, but not sweating it.
Alone or with a few close friends, smoking and tripping balls.

6.) What kind of drink are you most likely to take?
Water, juice, maybe something with a little caffiene.
Not tap water or anything else they could use to control your mind...
Alcohol. That's the quickest way to break down their inhibitions.
Whaetever I'm in the mood for, maybe alcohol, but not anything from you, druggie, you probably laced it with something.
Maybe a little water, but anything else might dilute or alter the experience.
Whatever's available, preferably a beer.
Whatever it is, there's probably none around, cause that's always my luck.

7.) It's Sunday afternoon, I'm:
Getting stoned, but not too heavy - got work tomorrow.
Researching...things...on the net, trying to find the truth.
Chilling with a love interest.
Trying to relax, but I've got work tomorrow and I've still got to clean the house. No, I don't want your 'herbal relaxation' remedy!
Still tripping from last night. What the fuck happened to my hands?
IM'ing, looking for a ride somewhere, or someone who has something, but I'm broke, so...
Hanging out with a couple friends at someones house, may go out to dinner here shortly.

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