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» Quiz: Which drug is best for you?
Which drug is best for you?
created by andrew_emmarson

Which drug is best for you?

1.) What is the desirable results if you
no more problems
party attitude
little men singing in my ear
repeat the question
anything man

2.) How do you want to fly high?
bong hit
popen pills
licken stamps
pop can pipe
laced in my other drug

3.) What kind of friends do you have?
funny joker people
adhd kids
old hippies
icp loser
space kiddets (not litterally)
what friends

4.) What are your parents like?
they dont care about me and i dont care about them
the osbourns
they both died in a myserious explosion/home invasion
old hippies
mister and misses right
dude im adopted
just like me academic heros, but i secretly wont to sneak into there room at night and shave off all there hair and sell it on e bay

5.) finally, how much money do you have?
im loaded
above average
i make minimum wage
i got 2 bucks
im broke as an old guys wang
i get some money now and then
my parents give me a nice allowance every week

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