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» Quiz: Which designer are you?
Which designer are you?
created by Lou

Find out which designer or brand you are.

1.) What's your favorite hobby?
Making trips to expensive places.
eh... I have loads of hobby's!
shopping, dancing and that sort of stuff!
everything that's extreme

2.) what's your style?
I like everything that's really different from mainstream, and not that dum punk stuff
oh I have loads of skirts, dresses, high heels and jewelry! and I adore pink and gold!
everything that's comfortable and baggy
oh, just a tee and jeans, sometimes a girly accessoir.
chic and expensive, and above all, very stylish. A lot of tweed and black and white.
A polo, moccasins and a skirt, that's me!

3.) what's your dreamjob?
proffesional skater, or owner of a vintage-shop
I will never work a day in my life, I'll let my husband do that for me. It's a must, that he earns a lot of money!
I think I'm gonna be a painter
My dreamjob is to be a visagiste, or a hairdresser!
I'll be a succesfull businesslady, a topmanager or something.
oh, I don't know yet. Maybe vet?

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