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» Quiz: Should I get my tongue pierced? (with pix)
Should I get my tongue pierced? (with pix)
created by PinkFetish

Getting a hole cut through your tongue isn't a joke. Find out whether you should really go through with it or not.

1.) Will this be your first piercing?
No, I've got plenty of other ones already.
No, I've got one or two more.
Yes, I've never had the guts to get any until now.
Yes, I never really liked any piercings. This one just seems less terrible then all the others.
Who cares? My girlfriend wants me to get it! Woo hoo.

2.) When you see the word "needle" you think:
I don't think. I sweat. I run. I scream. AAAAAAA....mean motherfuckers.
Lalala.... :)
Reminds me of the doctors... nothing special. What's there to think about?
Well I'm not the biggest fan really... they're kind of freaky.

3.) Everytime you see someone with a tongue ring you think:
Oh my god this is so cool! I want one so bad oh my god!!!
He or she must be giving amazing oral
That must've fucken hurt
I get jealous and lightheaded and I just wanna take a blade and fucking pierce my own togue

4.) Which of the following risks are you exposing yourself to the moment you pierce your tongue?
An infection? Duh.
Chopped teeth, gum swelling, infections, tongue amputation, jewelery swallowing and even death in case of an accident when a breathing tube is needed
I can get cancer or they'll have to cut off my tongue! Aaa... jesus!
Nothing. My parents make this shit up to scare me.

5.) What are the chances that any of those things would happen to you?
If I don't take care of my piercing it all might happen. I can't control accidents either, but it's a chance I'm willing to take.
It'll never happen to me. Like I said, it's all stories. It's plain bullshit. You're such a nerd.
I know this girl who got her tongue pierced and died.... aaaaaaaaaa.....
I don't know but after reading this shit i'm never touching my tongue.

6.) What's the common treatment after getting your tongue pierced?
What treatment?
A thorough mouth wash after every meal for a week.
Medical mouth washes every few hours for the first few days, then twice a day for a month. Carefully cleaning the jewelery and replacing it if needed.
Cleaning the tongue every hour with iodine and special oitments, washing the tongue every hour and staying away from sick people and dirt.

7.) What CANT you do after you get the piercing?
Forget you got it?
Give oral.
Smoke, kiss and give oral for the first while. Also playing with the jewelery too much or replacing it in the first few weeks.
You can't leave the house and you have to stay in a shaded place.

8.) Finally, what do your friends and parents think about tongue piercings?
I'm not going to tell my parents because the would kick me out of the house. My friends like it though, they conviced me into doing it.
My parents aren't huge fans/hate it, my friends are okay with it, some of them have their own tongue piercings.
I don't know, I've only been considering this for a few hours.
Fuck them! I'm gonna do it just to piss the motherfuckers off! Ha!

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