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» Quiz: What tattoo should you have?
What tattoo should you have?
created by sweetsixsixsix

A rose, butterfly, pentagram, crow or something more sinister? Come find out, muthafuckers!

1.) You can't say you didn't expect this. Not that the question has much to do with the results, but it just wouldn't be the same without it. What is your favorite color?
blood red. Like the droplets on your floor after you beautifully inscribe something else into you with a razorblade.
Black, like the way your going to be, thrust into a void of none being, once I'm done with this stupid test.
Black, I guess.
White, like the light from my savior in heaven!
Black, neon green, blood red, any of these and I'm happy.
Vibrant green and deep red is what I'm all about.

2.) I suppose this also has little to do with the answers, but most of my questions will be the same way. What is your religion, or possibly your view on tattoo's?
Christian (or other godly religion) in which case tattoo's aren't acceptable! I'm leaving!
I'm non religious.
LaVey satanist.
Well let's see here, Marilyn Manson turned me into believing in the antichrist, so
I don't believe in anything but true love.
Wiccan or other pagan beliefs (no offense if you are under the latter catagory, I just don't know enough to list them all)
I'm new age-astrology, tarot, etc

3.) How do you usually dress?
In black pants, with a sexy black shirt that shows off all of my muscles. . .
Black pants/skirt and a black teeshirt with an evil phrase on it.
In black.
In flowing, bright colours like turqoise and purple, so as to please my gods and nature!
In deep colors showing my VIctorian style perfectly.
Long bland skirts and a blouse. god would be upset if i showed too much of my body.
However I want to. Stop asking questions.
Like Marilyn Manson.
Like Ginger Fish.
Oh my bad, extra answer.

4.) What color is your room?
deep red
Doesn't matter.

5.) Pick one:
Mwah ha ha ha ha

6.) Pick a phrase/lyric which ever.
Can't rain all the time.
biblee belt 'round anglo waist, putting sinners in there place
In jesus name we pray
:::twinkling wind chimes and a sooting breeze while meditating in a garden filled with bright flowers and butterflies:::
What light, by yonder window breaks, it is the east, and Juliette is the sun

7.) Ok last one. Sweet or sour?
Sweet AND sour. Chicken.
Sweet love
Sweet, like my lords fruit from the garden of eden

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