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» Quiz: How blond are you?
How blond are you?
created by Belle

This is like an iq quiz but for your hair.

1.) What is your current hair color? (arnt you glad to see a quiz that dosent start with whats you FAVORITE color)
All natural what i was born with
Bleached Blond!!!
Red, Blue, Purple any fun color
I wouldent die my hair it's hot just the way it is!!!

2.) What weighs more a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers???
Duh!! the bricks
ummmmm the bricks?
Is this a trick question?
This is so easy it is the feathers

3.) Your stuck on a island what do you do?
Build a raft and get outta there
Swim of it, I hope there arnt any sharks!!!!!
Go find Gilligan wink wink
What kind of island are we talking about?????

4.) Whats your favorite movie?
Clueless she has the best fashion sence (back in the 90's anyway)
Fairenheight 911 I love a good documentry
American Pie, Stiflers a hottie
Any chick flick
Mean Girls

5.) It wouldent be a real quiz if we didnt ask... whats your favorite color?
Red, blue, green, gotta stick to those primary colors
What ever is in this month, orange is so the new pink
Lavander, powder blue anything soft.

6.) What is your wardrobe like?
Whats a wardrobe?
less is more, thats my motto
Sweater sets and khakis
Guess jeans, prada bags you know the usual hot brands

7.) What cd is your stereo right know?
Michele Branch
A awsome mix i burned bout an hour ago
Jessica Simpson or Jo Jo I cant remember
Avril,Simple plan,Ashlee Simpson,Christiana Agulara, Britany Spears. Its a 5 disk changer

8.) Are you a virgin?
Well do cousins count?
Are you kidding?
True love waits
UMMMMM well ahhh how would you define virgin?

9.) What is the true meaning of easter?
Its a christain holiday
BUNNYs awww they are soooooo cute
Chocolate ham and mums home made mashed potatoes
A long week end

10.) What was the main thing you noticed about this????
About what?
It was a pretty dope quiz
All the spelling and gramer mistakes.(grammer has to m's in it dumb ass)
You asked alot of questions

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