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» Quiz: What American High-School steriotype are you ?
What American High-School steriotype are you ?
created by FoxyRoxy

Are you a geek, goth, normal person or a cheerleader. Find out !!

1.) What is your favourite subject at school ?
Maths ! I just love algebra
Um... It depends on my mood.
NONE !! They all suck !!
Cheerleading !! If that is a subject, umm, well... YES cheerleading !!!

2.) You are arguing with a girl from your class. What do you do?
Tell her that to settle the argument you and her will have a maths quiz and whoever wins is right.
Argue, then make up after a few hours.
Get mad and tell her that her sweater and skirt were soooo last season !! Then stomp off in a huff

3.) What outfit are you most comfortable in ?
A home-made knitted sweater and nilon leggings.
A crop top, jeans or a mini skirt.
Anything Black and Red.
My cheerleading outfit !! Don't I look cute !!

4.) What is your favourite movie?
Movie...? Well, my favourite video is that one about maths and science, we got shown in class.
Anything with a happy ending.
Anything BUT a happy ending !!!!
Clueless !! That is the best movie ever !!!!!

5.) Do you have a personal quality?
I am the top of the class for Maths, Science and Computing !!! Now that is 3 personal qualities. Yippee !!!!
Um.. well I do dancing and I communicate well with people.
Oh this is soooo easy !! CHEERLEADING !! OFCOURSE !!

6.) What is your boyfriend like?
My boyfriend is the Maths teacher !! How exciting !!
My boyfriend has a nice personality and he treats me nice.
My boyfriend is now in jail for attempted murder...on me.
My boyfriend is waaaayyyy H.O.T !!!!!! I met him while I was cheerleading for his team !!!

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