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» Quiz: Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?
Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?
created by half_demon_inu

Which character are you from the game Kingdom Hearts. A game made by both Disney and SquareSoft (The maker of Final Fantasy).

1.) How would you describe yourself?
Dark and evil. You want complete control over the world by darkness.
Easily persuaded. Often possessed by the feelings of evil.
Friendly. You will do almost anything for your friends.
You are loved by everyone around you. You also have hidden feelings for a special someone.

2.) What color appeals you the most?
Anything dark. Preferably black or red.
I like blue
I don't really have a favorite color
Anything light and beautiful.

3.) Which side would you be on?
The side of good.
Evil, definetely.
I prefer not to take sides.
The side of myself, thank you.

4.) What kind of hobbies do you have?
Hobbies...who needs em'?
I like to practice my fighting.
I like to collect shells and make necklaces out of them. Or make anything at that matter.
I like to think of dreams and such. I like to think of other things, but mostly of dreams.

5.) Which Band do you like?
Papa Roach
Good Charlotte
Linkin Park

6.) ...in all...what do you think of this quiz?
It sucked!
It was ok, but it could have been better.
I think it was cool.

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