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» Quiz: Which Final Fantasy Character Are you?(BOYS)
Which Final Fantasy Character Are you?(BOYS)
created by Valdar

Just as the title says...you're a guy, right?

1.) Walking down a road in the woods, you see a king behemoth feasting on a dead person. You...
Kick its ass for disguesting you!
Slash away with your massively overpowered long katena, then keep baby-sitting the cry-baby...
Ignore it and keep walking. It's the never ending spiril of death that you're about to put an end to anyway.
Charge in and fight with your trusty skills...after stealing its goods.
Use your magic to control it as your pet. Making an army of these will give you a huge advantage in the up coming battle for utimate power.
Forget about it, the world's more important then someone already dead.
Kick its ass with your stylish moves and atletic actions with your sword.
Slice it in half with your rare one of a kind katena, then procueed on killing that annoying flower girl and save man kind...for then anyway.
...Whatever. You don't give a damn about any already dead person anyway.
Transform into a devil and do quick work on the foul beast...then feed upon the dead person yourself.

2.) After the encounter with the king behemoth, you encounter...
...the annoying flower girl who's been flriting with you just because you fell and destroyed her little garden.
Your baby sitter...sob
...the ugly woman who's force her way into your life ever since you've became a freaken seed.
...a shop to refill your can of milk-shake.
...another victem of your insane thiving skills. All there goodies are belong to you...MUHAHAHAHAHA!
...the flower girl, and your only chance to save all from her evils...
...your phycology counciler about you and your...gay issue...
...the man of your dreams taken away by that dreadful lady summoner and her see-through...bra...damn that flrity little...
...the death pleace of your bethrove...
...the chicken-wuss and puberty-boy saving the day while you were away...did you just made poetry...NOOOOO!!!

3.) You...
...just kick your father's butt...sob
...helped your best friend's kid kick his butt...
...killed some blue dude...got stuck up inside a tree...almost suffercated by a princess...sign...life...
...got your ass omni by a walking, talking block...
...injure your ownself with utima...gay, mentally challaged monkey that you are...
...killed the one that saved man kind from the evils of a annoying flower girl...you villian!
...got stuck with an annoying, whinning, ugly, useless in bed, you get the picture.
...got killed...again by your true love, just cause you wanted him to agknowledge your existence...you gay, trobled freak!
...kick a guy's ass who you thought may had been the off-spring of your love, you, the sickly old man Hojo, and some strange mutated cell of an alian.
...witness a guy getting kicked into the water just cause he caught tons of more fish than your curroct zero...the losser that you are...

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