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» Quiz: What Halo Character Are YOU???
What Halo Character Are YOU???
created by T3hHaloChicka

1.) What kind of armor would you like to wear into combat?
Something strong, but not too bulky so that I can move around and such
Something comfortable. I dont care!
Why would I need armor? I can't be hurt
Ah! Combat!? Put me in what ever keeps me faaaar away from pain!

2.) What kind of weapon do you prefer to use
Psh? weapon? my brain is my weapon
What ever weapon the situation calls for.
Something accurate that doesnt run out of ammo so fast
A REEEEAAAALLY big gun. What ever will pulverize my enemy to a miniscule pile of ash and bone. HAHA!
Ehh? I get to choose my weapon? Wippee!! what ever weapon I can get my hands on. As long as I dont get shot
Something sorta small... Im kind of a stealth person, ya know?

3.) Your in a group... What role do you play?
Usually a body gaurd. Some one really tough who is called apon when the going gets tough
Usually the leader
The smart person. Who is really freakin helpfull; the brains of the operation
OoOoooH... the sneaky one who is used as a scout or better yet an assasin
The guy who tags along for protection, or just has to because... well.. ima loser and I have no choice ::tear..::
The leader. DUH. And absolutley NO ONE questions my authority

4.) A member of your little group is sorounded by the enemy! DUN DUN DUN::dramatic background music:: The rest of your group is all back at home having fun & eating... some kind of yummy food that you really like. What do you do?
Hmm... They weren't that important. A small loss, but he wasnt really my friend and he isnt that important. I think I shall go home!
Im outnumbered, but I cant leave my buddy like that! Even though I might get my tush kicked, Im gonna save my bud anyways!YEA!!
I feel that I need to help this dude, so I will quickly think of a witty plan!
HAHA!! ::point and laugh:: what a loser! I think ill go home and laugh some more
Its not my problem, so I dont really care
AaHH!! Act on impulse and run away screaming loudly. I can just tell everyone that they were eaten alive... or they fell into a pit or something

5.) what one do you think is the most important??
My brother or sister who I love deeply
Me and myself of course! heehee
me and just maybe that one guy... wait... maybe not
My family and friends above all else. I am the least important
Courage honor and Dignity!

6.) You see 10 dollars lying on the ground. What do you do??
Ignore it. Its just 10 dollars, who needs it
stare blankley at it, then decide to walk away quickly, before the owner comes back and pumels me into the floor
grab it without hesitation, then go buy some candy. Lots of candy. Mmm... candy
I have no need for money.I have everything I need
look around to make sure that whoever dropped it isnt looking for it, then take it, but reluctantly
pick it up and give it to some hobo or some other needy person

7.) A big scary dude comes and asks you for the time even though u dont have a watch, you...
Tell him I dont know
look at the sun and estimate the time by the suns relationship to the horizon
are just as big as that guy. YOU PUMEL HIM TO A BLOODY PULP!! GRRR
point behind him and scream
feel threatened, and use his size as his weakness and kick his rear into shape
scream and run away untill I pass out in the middle of the street from exuastion

8.) You spot an enemy! what do you say?
Die devil !!!
I roar and charge the enemy head on
I dont say anything, instead I come up with a plan
I help some one who can fight come up with a plan, because Im just so gosh darned smart
Wort wort Wort!!!
I make a weird high pitched noise, like some kind of crazed dolphin mutant

9.) what are u most afraid of?
creepy spiders! eeek!!
Seeing my friends die... aww that would be so sad
Big bubbly monsters

10.) what vehicle would u rather pilot!?
some type of flying thingy
something fast
I am too fat for vehicles... ((big sigh))
EeeK! vehicles scare me!

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