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» Quiz: What group of society do you fit into?
What group of society do you fit into?
created by oliveraqua

This is a medium-length quiz. If you answer honestly it is 90% garenteed to tell you what group in society you fit into. Just remember, the best thing about groups is when they mix.

1.) What is your favorite color?
Neon Colors!
I like the rainbow.
None, really.
Silver/Gold looks cool.

2.) What music do you listen to?
Rap, Hip Hop (ex. Outkast, 50 cent, Usher)
Punk Rock, what I can realte to or just have a good time with (ex. Nirvana, Guns'n'Roses).
Deep or Dark music (ex. The Cure).
Practical; Classical (ex. Bach, Beethoven).
Angry/Hate songs; Heavy Metal (ex. Slipknot , Korn)
Love or Hope Songs (ex. Maroon 5).
Some nasty songs are ok....
I don't know... this and that.

3.) What do you think about society today?
They have no sense of humor in general, but the people who do are fine.
Most of it sucks ass, but some people are OK.
Many people are too fucking prejudice, they can take one look at someone and say whaat he/shes like
They say I think about sex too much.
Sometimes people accidently make me cry....
Most of it is good, but some people are just crude and disobedient!
People don't realize how smart I am.
People are fun to freak out. Heh heh.
Some of them are so scawney... I mean, seriously, no muscle....
I get along with people very well.

4.) Would you dye your hair?
Mabey I would look better with brown hair....
No, I don't want to look stupid.
Can you say neon?.
If it looks tough.
Yeah, it looks cool.
No, my mom said it was aggressive.
No, it attracts too much attention.
Yeah, it would be funny.
Yeah... black or dark blue.

5.) Do you play any sports?
I like skateboarding.
No, I don't like to be around people.
Does masturbation count? Lol.
Volley ball
No, not good at them. They arn't as important as intelligence anyway.
No, I might get my cloths dirty.

6.) Someone suddenly yells Holy Shit and falls over onto the street from his bike. He is not hurt that badly. You...
Laugh a little but wonder if he's ok.
Yell, Watch your language!
Feel really sorry for him.
Yell, At least it was the street and not what you yelled!

7.) Do you keep a diary/journal?
Yes. I almost need it!
Yeah, to draw plans to take over the world! Muahaha! Just kidding.
You'll never know....
Yeah, to draw and write my nasty fanacies in.
Yeah, its the only time when I can truly express myself.

8.) You are alone and all your friends are out of town. You...
Stay cool.
Work out.
Listen to music, skatebord, play guitar/drums/keybord etc....
Think about life, death, compose/listen to music, sit in the dark, draw, etc....
Study and/or read.
Write in my Journal/Diary, think, cry, etc....
Think about how stupid people can be, make fun of people, think about the fact that I am a better person than some people, etc....
Read the comics, make up jokes, etc....
Same things I always do, I am usually alone.
Watch porn on the web.
Think up ways to freak people out!
I dunno, just stuff.

9.) How are you doing in life?
I have a cool life, I am good with others and have hardly any enemies.
I am doing well in sports.
My grades are good. I am on a steady honor roll, and make good impressions on people.
I am not very social, but I don't care.
Ok, not good, no bad.
Not so good, it doesn't matter, it will all be over sooner or later....
I got some good friends. We have good times rockin out and hangin out.
Great, I like to make people laugh, and succeed quite often.
Well, I freak people out on a regular basis. Thats cool. I like doing that.
Sort of good, lots of people avoid me for being to nasty though.
Not that good, I'm surrounded by a bunch of morons and weirdos.
I don't know, sometimes I have the best day of my life, and then the next second I am crying alone in my room.
Pretty good, I guess.

10.) What is your outlook on love?
It will come as pass, just as life will.
Sex. Now!
I've got a pretty steady Bf/Gf.
I have a cheerleader girlfriend.
Mabey, but no kissing.
If I knew them well enough.
As long as I get alot of respect.
I dont want to get that close to anyone.
Love is delusional, but delusion is bliss.

11.) People often discribe you as...

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