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» Quiz: Which group of society do you fit into? (Quicker but less accurate version)
Which group of society do you fit into? (Quicker but less accurate version)
created by oliveraqua

The great thing about groups is when they mix.

1.) What is your favorite color?
The Rainbow
Don't have one

2.) What kind of music do you like?
Dark/Deep (ex. The Cure)
Love or Hope songs (ex. Maroon 5)
Angry; Heavy Metal (ex. slipknot)
Practial; classical (ex. Bach)
I don't know... a little bit of this and that
Punk rock, just to have a good time or relate to (ex. Nirvana)
Electronic, techno (ex. Techno Bass Crew)
Anything my friends like if I like it too

3.) Someones bike's brakes give and they crash into a building you...
Say... Watch your language!, because they yelled Oh, shit right before they crashed
Laugh a little but still feel a little sorry for the guy
Glance over at him and go back to what you were doing
Wonder if hes ok
Laugh quietly
Feel really sorry for him
Yell Be glad it was a building and not a mound of crap!

4.) Outlook on sex?
Abstinance untill marrage!
It would be fun to add a little biting or hand-cuffing
Oh yeah. sex is LIFE! Porn is heavan.
Whatever... little sex won't hurt you.
I dunno... its part of life I guess
Beer, sex, motorcycles, there all necessities
As long as its not messy and doesn't hurt...

5.) Whatare your grades?
Strait A's. Nothing less.
A's, B's sometimes C's, D's, and F's
D's, F's, I don't really care. Its not really going to matter, eventually we are all going to die anyway... not to sound depressing or anything....
A's and F's mostly.
B's and C's. The teachers don't realize how smart I really am.
Dude, I got kicked out.
I am really good in P.E., but not so good in other classes
Average... I think... hope

6.) Do you consider yourself cool?
Everyone KNOWS I'm cool
Cool, I don't really care if I'm cool
No, I am too overreactive
Well, I'm strong
No, trying to be cool leads you to a ruined life
I dont know... mabe
I'm beyond tring to be cool... or below... either way.

7.) Do you like cartoons?
Some cartoons arn't bad. I just HATE those disney ones that try to be funny or cute. South Park is cool.
Sort of.
I LOVE cartoons. Video games and comic books too. That's pretty much me right there.
Cartoons suck... chidlish
Depends what other people think of them... I tend to go wth the flow
Hentai rocks.
Yeah, I like Bugs Bunny and the others but I also like the funnies in cartoon version.

8.) How well are you doing in life?
Not so good, but it doesn't matter really. It'll be over sooner or later.
Ok, not good, not bad.
Great, I'm smooth with the crowd, and I don't got no real enemies.
Not that bad, I got a few good buds who I like to hang out with. We have good times.
Not bad at all. I like to make people laugh, and I succeed quite often.
Good. I am keeping on a steady honor roll and make rather good impressions on most people.
Ok. I am perfectly happy with my games, books, videos, etc.
Good, I freak people out on a regular basis....
Sort of good, lots of people avoid me fo being sort of nasty though,
Not that good, I'm surrounded by a bunch of morons and weirdos.
Well, I like the football league and stuff. I guess I'm sort of tough.
Horrible. But who cares. I like it. I got my weed, rifle, and cash. Good enough for me.
Sometimes, I just don't know. Sometimes I feel good about it, then the next day I am crying alone in my room.
Pretty good, I guess

9.) Favorite food?
I like ranch dressing on almost anything... apple juice and chocolate milk is good with it.
Nutritional Foods; Fruits and Veggies

10.) Would you dye your hair?
Yeah, black or dark blue.
Yeah, are you kidding? Red bangs mabe, or dark green streaks... yeah, anything really
Yeah, neon colors! Mabey pink too.
No, it looks too aggressive.
Mabey... I don't know
Yes, mabe I could be a haselnut brown, wouldnt look to bad
I would bleach it, but not dye it. Thats a little too funky.. stupid in my opinion

11.) Are you superstitious?
I consider ghosts...
A bit. I like the idea of evil and good being the same thing....
No, it isn't logical
With some things that I read about or watch on TV....

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