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» Quiz: Are you an independent thinker?
Are you an independent thinker?
created by zen

This quiz will tell you how brainwashed you really are!

1.) You are in a classroom and your teacher states as a fact something that you believe to be wrong, what do you do?
Never question the teacher. You could be wrong and you could embarass yourself by speaking up.
Who cares anyway? It's just a stupid classroom and this is just another teacher. :shrugs:
Raise your hand and argue with the teacher in front of everyone even though your teacher is very slick and will probably make you look wrong anyway.
Stay quiet and don't argue. After school, you go on the internet and download information so you can dispute your teacher tomorrow.

2.) You are sitting with a group of friends and they start saying bad things about another friend of yours who isn't there to defend themself. You know that what the group is saying is false.
Stand up to the group and defend your friend. Right is right and you will not let bad rumors spread about them.
Keep quiet now and talk to each member of the group and set them straight when you get them alone.
Who cares. It's not worth the trouble. Let them say bad things.
Hrmm, maybe what they are saying is true. You never know, you could be wrong. Laugh it up with the crowd.

3.) Your in history class and your teacher asks you to give a speech on George W. Bush. Even though most people in your class dislike Bush, everything in your research comes up that Bush is a good president. What do you do?
State the facts in your report, but try to twist everything so that Bush doesn't sound good. You don't want the class turning on you.
Lie, twist the truth, and avoid the facts. You can't put Bush in a good light. Everyone who hates Bush must have a good reason, right?
Try very hard to dig up a few bad things on Bush to throw in with all fair information. That way you can act like you are giving a balanced speech.
Give a loud speech and watch them get angry. If anyone tries to argue, make them look bad by showering them with facts.

4.) You are watching the news on television and the local news reporter does an unbelievable story on your neihgbor being arrested for dealing drugs. You cannot believe it is true.
Call all your friends in the neighborhood to find out if it is true.
Call all your friends in the neighborhood to spread the gossip!
Call EVERYONE to spread the gossip!
Call your neighbor and ask if they need any help fighting this (and to find out if it's really true).

5.) Which resource is the best source of news.
MTV or VH1. lol, maybe CNN or somethin
News? The news is boring. Politics is even more boring.
Fox News or the Newspaper.
It doesn't matter. I get my news from various places and I question everything I hear.

6.) Pick one:

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