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» Quiz: What Brand of Cigarette are You?
What Brand of Cigarette are You?
created by Tamerlane

Just shut up and smoke!

1.) If you found out that one or both of your parents were aliens, how would you feel?
Meh ... Do they ... ah, fuck it.
What? Seriously? How much is alien money worth here, because I saw this awesome guitar ...
Aliens! God -- goddamn!
Whoah ... aliens ... cool ... alien drugs ... yeah ...
What? Didn't hear what you said, Mum. I was too busy knocking up my girlfriend.

2.) Which of these songs, if any, do you think is the most gay?
'Orgasm Addict' by the Buzzcocks
'Sex Dwarf' by Soft Cell
'Stand and Deliver' by Adam Ant
'Violent Love' by Oingo Boingo
Anything by Selene Dion

3.) Friday night, nothing particular to do. Where do you go?
Hang out at on old theatre and watch rednecks fight at the pool hall across the street
Go over to a friend's house, play guitar, drink some beer, talk about girls
Over to Grams's to get some food
Go hang out in a graveyard, smoke pot, and once again attempt to worship satan properly
Hangin' out with my pregnant girlfriend

4.) Best Final Fantasy of the ones listed below?
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 10 (god, i hated 9)
Er ... 10 kinda sucked ass too
Fuck that shit! I want the new Navy Seals game!

5.) Would you kiss on a first date?
Sure. Why not? Its a good way to get to know someone
Only if I was sure he/she wouldn't slap me
Hmmm ... Do I actually have to take him/her out on a date?
Definately. Kissing might lead to making out, which might lead to a blow job. Awesome!
Just a kiss? No sex? Damn!

6.) Let's try some word association. Punk?
Cool! Where?
Yeah, I used to be one, but now I think they're fags
New Found Glory?
Hell yeah! Mosh pits!

7.) Let's assume that I'm a girl. I need to pee, but there aren't any toilets around. What do you do?
Go behind some bushes and hold your hands to balance you while you get down to business
Oh, my god! I -- I don't know! Can you go in a cup?
Man, you're a pain in the ass. Can you hold it until I feel like going somewhere that has a bathroom?
That's fuckin' sick, dude! Get the hell away from me!
Ah, christ, just go on the back seat of my car

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