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» Quiz: What Character from The Crow are you?
What Character from The Crow are you?
created by SlipknotVxV666

Find out what Character you are the moive "The Crow"

1.) What type of music do you enjoy the most?
Depressing Metal
I don't like Music
Old Rock n Roll
More Rap
Depressing Rap and R/B

2.) What kind of Clothes do you like?
Tight Bondage Leather clothes
Nice comfortable clothes
Old tattared clothes
Nice uniform
Clothes... What are those?
Clothes.. You mean the ones I just found in the dumpster??!!
Long old trench coat (Something you can Hide knives in.)
Hippy Clothes

3.) Whats your favorite color?
Black, White, Red... Depressing colors
White, Golds and light blues
Gray & Brown
Highlight green, or maroon red
Straight out any kind of blue
Dark grays, Hot rod Reds, And Black
Gold and silver

4.) What is your favorite animal or spiritual animal?
Ravens or Crows
White roses, and or Cats
Dogs/ Wolfs
I hate fucking animals!
Imgainary animals
... Animals what are those?

5.) Whats your favorite drugs... If you've taken them?
Drugs. Hell no my parents would kill me!
Morphine baby!
Pot... Weed whatever the fuck you wanna call it.
Smokes are all I do I swear
Speed... Ahhh smells so good...
Hard liqour man all the way...

6.) Are you passoniate with sex?
Im so passionate. Im afaird I'll hurt Him/Her if I touch them to hard.
Light candles, Light incence and slowly make love...
Fuck um until there dead!!!
Rape sounds good right now...
Just roleplaying for me...
I'll wait until Im married.. To think about something that could change my whole life around.
Eww sex nasty!
Cut them while I rape the shit outta them so good!

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