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» Quiz: bi, les, or straight;; which one are you? (girls only) with pics
bi, les, or straight;; which one are you? (girls only) with pics
created by aheartburiedincement

1.) youre at a party sitting alone, when some random girl comes up to you and asks if you wanna have some fun, you, thinking youre gonna do body shots or something, say yes. she pulls you into a room, locks the door, and comes on to you... you:
start hooking up with her, then procede to strip yourself. you cant wait to finger fuck her, use a strap on, or eat her out like theres no tomorrow
are hesitant at first, but quickly catch on, shes horny and wants you bad. you rip your clothes off and then hers, and you start rubbing her clit.
tell her to back the fuck off and yell for someone to come get you

2.) after being in the room, someone else comes in, a very hot and sexy guy; you take this distraction, and:
tell him to get the fuck out and tell him he shoulda knocked first
grab him and start to strip him, you tell your new found girl friend to get some handcuffs or something to tie him down; this will be fun ;)
are so happy to see him, you run over to him so fast he doesnt know what hit him you beg him to help you get away from that freak to tried to rape you

3.) the guy says hes gonna go get a drink, and asks if you want anything, you demand:
to know why he thinks that you want his company and throw the nearest heavy object at him
that he stays and fucks you in your vagina while the girl uses a strap-on or dildo up your ass
he takes you with him; you couldnt possibly stand being in that room any longer

4.) the girl wants to video whats gonna happen next, you:
agree totally and proceed to tie her to the chair so you can lick her so good she wont know what hit her
you jump with glee with this idea and start having rough sex with the guy, then you switch with her and have him/her eat you out instead of watching
laugh in her face, and then say the only thing thats gonna happen next is me fucking him right here and now you then proceed to fuck the guy

5.) the girl says she has to leave, what do you do?
beg her not to go, because you havent had such a sexual experience like that in your entire life
you mourn her leaving, but then continue on doing things with the hot guy, since hes so good at everything ;)
dont even notice shes leaving because of the rough sex you are still having with the guy

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