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» Quiz: What Breed of Horse are you?
What Breed of Horse are you?
created by Snowy Acres (789436)

This is a quiz to find out what kind of horse you are...

1.) (you are a horse) You see your owner waiting for you by the pasture gate without calling you , you.....
You neigh as in laughing at them and walk gracefully doing your own thing as usual
You trot up to him/her and expect to go to a show or something in an arena..(western you hope!!)
You race up your long legs striding...and excpect to see that little english saddle in your owner's arms...
you run up as fast as your little bitty legs can carry you...you come up to the gate and half to rear up to get to your owner's height...

2.) (you are a horse) Your owner is getting you to your stall. Your pace is?
You walk calmly to your stall expecting a treat for being so good!
You Prance in trying to be graceful...and see a hay bale and start prancing over there...
You run to keep up with your owner's walk...and then out of breath you slowly walk into your stall and jump up and get a drink...I HATE BEING SHORT!
You race in losing your owner miles ago..and go straight in your stall..your owner comes out of breath angry shuts the gate and leaves everything on

3.) (your a horse) Your owner takes you to a halter show...what do you do?
You gracefully walk in...and get in your stance without help...
You look clueless you thought you would be barrel racing or roping..but this?! You freak out and go crazy in the show arena freeing all the others...
You look unknowing of what this was...you see a racetrack nearby..you go get your racing saddle and bit and trot off over to the track..
your little legs carry you in and try to immitate the bigger horses....winning 31st place out of only 13 horses...

4.) (your a horse) Your owner gets on you for the first time since he/she has bought you...you do what?
you 'graccefully' prance around...not knowing what saddle this was and automaticly goes and do your own thing...not minding your owner's responce.
you know the owner is on you , you race off to the race track..and win first place unexpectedly..
your back sinks in as the owner gets on you...you flip out and collapse..THE AGONY!
You feel the western saddle on your back and the owner climbs on...you follow all orders...only in the barrel pattern.. ;-P

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