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» Quiz: What South Park Character Are You? !PICTURES!
What South Park Character Are You? !PICTURES!
created by yourwar

Find out which popular South Park character you are the most nsync with.

1.) Which of the following places is your dream to live in?
Under a big beautiful rainbow!
In the sewers below my favorite town.
In a cold broken down shack.
In a normal house just like any normal person.
In an apartment with my best buddy as a roomy!
In a fun, animal filled circus.
With your mom for the rest of you life.
In the playboy mansion baby!
In a studio with a coffee shop nearby.

2.) A rich kid you have never met in your life is laying on the street severly beat but with nothing stolen. What do you do?
Keep walking it could be a trap and danger scares me.
Take everything he has and kick him in the nuts if he trys to yell for help.
Freak out and run away as fast as you can!
Tell him everything will be okay and touch his privates.
Tell him to wait there while you go and find help.
Sing songs to make him happy and joyful!
Help him up and bring him home to bandage his wounds.
Throw him in your car, take him to the hospital, and be on your way.
Stop, stare at his beaten body with curious eyes, then turn around and walk away.

3.) What is your favorite thing to put in your tummy?
Cheesey Puffs baby!
Anything at all...
A nice big steak.
Sewage, it does the body good.
Men, I just wanna eat em up!
Whatever my parents cook.
I'm not too picky, a sandwich is fine.
I don't really care, I have better things to do than eat.

4.) Your mom just explained to you where babies come from. What do you say to her?
Thanks for telling me, now I finally know how it really happens.
I wish men could have babies to...
That reminds me of this one time when I was with these japanese twins...
I pray to god that I never hear those words come out of your mouth again.
Shut the fuck up!... Liar.
I already knew that mom...
I don't really care, let's just all hug!

5.) Whats your favorite color?

6.) Some random hot girl just showed you her tits and ran off. What do you do?
Stand there stunned with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.
Scream and run the opposite way!
Start writing a song about what just happened.
Yawn and do nothing, they're just tits, whatever.
Catch her and sweet talk her until she gets into bed with you.
Go home and masterbate for 3 hours!
Go tell your friends what happened and hope they believe you.
Go tell your mom what happened, you feel violated!
Yell perversions at the girl while she runs away.

7.) What do you look for in a girl/guy?
A big hard dick.
Trust and a faithful relationship.
Ewwwwwwwwwwww girls/boys!
She/he has gotta have energy, and lots of it.
She/he has to have a hot body and let me fool around!
Brains, she has to know her shit, otherwise shes worthless.
She/he has to have money, you know, someone like Paris Hilton.
I want a cook, that means more food, less work.
I don't have high standards, any average joe is good in my book.

8.) Which one of these characteristics can you best relate to?
Mean and Bossy
Naive and Shy
Loud and Annoying
Jolly and Happy
Smart and Clever
Kind and Innocent
Funny and Daring
Horny and Playful
Manly and Smooth

9.) What is the moon?
A big bent-over ass!
A big piece of cheese.
A new world with many new oppurtunities!
I planet in our solar system.
Ahhhh! I don't freakin know?!
What is a moon?
Something that can get you layed when it full!
The moon... well the moon is the sun, but at night?
I dunno, ask someone else.

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