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» Quiz: What career in the horse world best suits you?
What career in the horse world best suits you?
created by ILUVHORSES

Ever dreamed about having a career with horses but aren't sure what you would be doing?Well then this is the quiz for you.Take it and you'll find out what horsey career best suits you.

1.) 1.Which one best describes how you act while at school?
B.Trend Setter
C.Band Freak
D.School Athlete
E.A Little Bit Of Everything
F.Ring Leader

2.) 2.What is your favorite saying?
A.An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
B.Beauty is only skin deep.
C.Timing is every thing.
D.Rythym is everything.
E.If at first you don't succseed,try,try again.
F.Never give up never surrender.

3.) 3.What is your favorite past time?
B.Helping others.
D.Keeping your siblings in line.
E.Jumping Rope.
F.Plying video games.

4.) 4.What do you make in school?
A.All A's
B.Hundreds in every class.
C.I try my hardest.
E.High A's and B's.
F.B's and occasonaily an A or two.

5.) 5.What is your favorite type of horse?
A.One that knows what it's supposed to do.
B.A healthy happy one.
3.A nice sleek one with graceful movements.
D.Anything as long as it's pure.
E.One with a lot of muscle and able to go a long way without tirering.
F.A nice supple one who knows it's way around a jump course.

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