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» Quiz: what underground scene stereotype are you?
what underground scene stereotype are you?
created by dieing_faith_in_silence

what stereotype are you? dont we alllll want to know?

1.) what are you most likely to be seen wearing at a show?
dark hornrimmed glasses, girls pants (even if im a guy), tight band/random saying shirt, and one of my many pairs of shoes
anything from a vintage/thrift store, just basically normal stuff...
i dono...just jeans, a band T, hoodie for when i start the moshpit, maybe a bandanna around my nose and mouth
my ripped jeans vest with all my patches, ill have my hair done up in some wicked green mohawk or something, and ill be wearing my vans
black....just black....
jeans, my ramones shirt that i bought at aeropostale, and dont forget the chain wallet because thats what everyone wears to shows, right???

2.) what would you most likely be seen doing at a show?
pacing, singing along with my eyes closed, almost crying or actually crying
bobbing my head, tapping my foot, shouting out the choruses, just being into the music
moshing, starting a fight, beating up some little emo kid...
sitting in the corner silently, smoking, maybe making out, just doing something in the darkness...
skanking, running around doing something stupid, singing along to the songs, throwing my fist in the air when the song gets to the part about anarchy
standing in the back, waiting to see if everyone else is bobbing their heads, having no clue who the bands are

3.) what are your favorite bands?
good charlotte, dashboard confessional, new found glory
NOFX, Offspring, Misfits, Vandals
ezra stone, the faces of sarah, marilyn manson
blood for blood, codeseven, dillinger escape plan, hatebreed
name taken, thursday, finch, cursive, the juliana theory, the promise ring
the blood brothers, scatter the ashes, ad astra per aspera, mewithoutyou, the snake the cross the crown

4.) ahhh!!! this is confusing!!! i lost track of this!!!
mph....i dont really care....
just...i dono, punch someone or break something!!
its the governments fault!!!! ANARCHY!!!! ANARCHY!!!!!!!! (runs out of room with mohawk on fire)
now you feel just like me, confused and all alone with no one's love
calm down...deep breaths, just listen to the music
erm....what they said

5.) so whats your view on the world?
its fine, nothings wrong with it
the gov. is effed up!!! anarchy!!! they have brain washed everyone but us and we must fight to save the world from mindless conformation!!!
its only filled with pain, darkness, there is no room for love or happiness, the world does nto know the meaning of those words
the world is a place of pain, it lets you feel extreme happiness one moment and then rips it all away just when you need it the most...(sigh)
ehh...life sucks, the world has good and bad, but music solves all and makes life worth living
too many things are wrong with the world, but i really couldnt care less, just let me get all my aggression out and im fine...

6.) when you see someone (and are right by them) moshing at a show what do you think?
ahhhhh!!!!!! flying limbs!!!! mommy!!!!!!!!! (runs away)
nice, i wish he would move so i could skank though...
hmmm....hopefully he will hit me so hard ill die...
YEARGH!!!!! (jumps in and starts moshing with the kid)
ermm....i better get outta here before he realizes im emo...
he needs to stop, now...stupid moshers......

7.) what do you like most about the bands you listen to and the music they make?
they know the TRUTH!!! they havent been brainwashed either and promote my pleas of anarchy
they wear the coolest clothes, play the darkest music, and make stuff that inspires my poems of pain
they have gone through things that ive gone through, and they tell it all exactly as i feel it
their screaming is amazing, stuff i can really sweat to in the moshpit, insane guitars and loud drums...this is why i breath
they all have a really unique sound, basically noone knows about my bands(which i like), and they all have amazing guitars
everyone knows my bands, i can watch them all the time on MTV, their tickets cost a lot though so i never get to see them live, but i dont really mind

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