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» Quiz: What God Are You?
What God Are You?
created by Shadow-Kitsune

Various gods from different cultures and myths.

1.) What is your favorite animal?

2.) Which of the following can you relate to? What represents you?

3.) What impact do you have to those around you?
You make them feel uneasy or nervous, as if you are judging them
They feel awesome self-esteem and respect around you
You downright SCARE them
People feel calm around you because you are so mysterious yet friendly

4.) What do you usually wear?
Clothes that are formal and sophisticated (fancy).
Simple clothes. Nothing slutty.
Black pants, black shoes, and a black t-shirt that says Suffer or Die
Neat clothes.

5.) Pick a color!
Red, white and gold
Black, grey and green
Blue, Black and White
Gold, brown, and Red

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