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» Quiz: What Little Mermaid Character are you?
What Little Mermaid Character are you?
created by falling.tears

Are you Ariel? Eric? Ursula? Flounder? Sebastian? Triton? or Scuttle?

1.) What is your favorite color?
Red, like fire and power.
Sky Blue.
I'm not sure.
Klitomatic or some other unproncable name.
Ocean blue.
Anything above sea level.

2.) Whats your favorite thing to do?
Find new things, and look for adventures.
Finding a bride.
Plan to take over the world
Help your friend discover new things
Conduct music, and stay at the right hand of the king
Rule the sea.
Name new things

3.) Which word describes you best?

4.) What do you long for the most?
To be free.
To choose who you want to marry
To rule all
To be a trusty sidekick.
To stay as the ruler, and for your daqughter to stop wasting her time.
To name new things.

5.) If you could choose, what would you give up?
Living in the sea
Being a prince
Being a prisoner.
Being afraid
Having to watch over Ariel.
I'm not sure.
a kytomaticatiee?

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