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» Quiz: Are you my perfect guy? (Gay or Bi Guys Only)
Are you my perfect guy? (Gay or Bi Guys Only)
created by makinthemost

Just answer the questions, and find out whether you could be the man for me.

1.) Right, First are you:

2.) Are you really hot?
Well, I've been a model for a few years, I'm tanned muscly and athletic but...OK, I'm the hottest person in the world.
No. Sorry! Well at least I'm honest!
Well some people think I am, but I don't think so.

3.) What type of music do you like?
Pop / RnB / Rap
Rock / Goth Music

4.) On a scale of one to 10, how gay do you consider yourself?

5.) Do you have MSN messenger, or AIM?
Yeah, I have both and I'm on all the time, in fact im on MSN right now...
Well, I have AIM, but I'm never online.
OMG! I hate messenger!

6.) Which of these jokes is funniest?
A man walks into a bar.Ouch.
Two cows in a field.One fell over.
none of these

7.) Your sister is pregnant by a man she hardly knows. Would you...
Shout at her for being stupid enough not to use a condom.
Try to help her, but secretly go after the man.
Respect your sister and try and help her through the pregnancy.

8.) It's our first date. What do we do?
Go for a romantic meal, then a walk on the beach, then back to our own houses.
A party, followed by passing out in the street
A meal at one of our houses, a good film, curled up on the sofa, and then... ;-)

9.) Ok, we've been going out for a month. Someone tells you that I have cheated on you. You...
Immediately go out and cheat on me, and think later.
Wait until you can confront me with it, then tell me exactly how you feel.
Believe me immediately.
leave without saying a word to me.

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