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» Quiz: what elemental dragon are you**GREAT PIC**
what elemental dragon are you**GREAT PIC**
created by iceladydragon

just for fun and if your bored

1.) you come to a city that you dont like what do you do?
in cloude it in darkness forever
just keep walking
freeze it forever
water log the hole city
burn it to the ground
destroy it useing an earthquake
fly over and eat all the people

2.) what best suites you
cold hearted
easy going
dark and crule

3.) how do you act with people
i cant stand alot fo people but small groups are ok
there ok
burn , burn them all
whatever a person is a person
i love free sprited people
i hate people
i love people

4.) some one just killed your best freind! what do you do?
send them to the depst waters of hell
burn them right then and there
cause an earth quake (dam there went the city to)
throw them in the air and play fech till there dead
drag them to the shadows and slowly and painfuly kill them
throw them in jail then forget about it
freeze them and tourch them for the rest of there life (if they live)

5.) what dose your friend know you best for
for being an ass
for quick thinking
being free sprited
what freinds
for being so forgiving
for knowleg and understanding
for being senstive

6.) are you crazy
i dont know
never (wink,wink)
crazy im insane and proud to be
no im perfecated

7.) people are comeing to kill you for some reson what do you do
swoop down from the sky and eat every one
use the shadows to kill them firts
run and hide they will go away
freeze them and shader the bodies
lure them to the water and drowned them all
blow them to bits of ash
cause an earth quake and let the ground kill them

8.) whats your favorit color (sry had to ask)
dark colors
melow colors like baby blue or pink
blood red

9.) where would you live?
someplace bright and cearful
any place cold
near or in water
some place hot like a desert or valcano
any place idont care
some where high up near the clouds and stars
any place where light cant reach me

10.) what power do you want
to make any thing and every thing an ice cube
to control all water
to blow fire
to control earth
to fly
to control the shadows
to be perfected

11.) what do you want to be
or water

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