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» Quiz: Which Harry Potter character are you most like?
Which Harry Potter character are you most like?
created by darkgirls82004

This quiz is to see which HARRY POTTER character are you most like.

1.) Do you read alot and act like you know it all?
No, I mostly plot on how I'm going to kill muggles and kill harry poter.
Yes, I used to but now I'm way to busy.
Yes and No I guess I'm usally way to busy with sports.
Yes, but i can't help it that I'm a Know it all.

2.) What do you do at night when everyones a sleep?
I sleep to I guess but sometimes I stay up all night very few times a month.
Sometimes i sneak around hte house trying not to wake anyone so that i can do some mischiffe.
I sleep but I worry about a test that is coming up tomorrow.
Stay up all night plotting on how I'm going to do some revenge on someone.

3.) Are you the most populer at school?or was
No ,i just kept to myself mostly
Yes, I was populer but I didn't really wanna be but it just happened.
I guess not I had friends but everyone did't like me.

4.) How do you like your parents?
They died when i was real little.
their ok but i still love them
they did everything for me so I love them.
I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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