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» Quiz: Are you dead inside?
Are you dead inside?
created by truely_loved_darkness

Well.... are you? Many people are surrounded with people everyday, and dont know that the silent gleam in their eyes is really a desperate pleed for help.

1.) Ok, so... right now... what one of these statements fits your mood best?
happy! GO ME!
Im alright
would I be seeking attention if i said i was suicidal?
quite crap but hey everyone has there down times
I dont wanna talk bout it

2.) Who do you talk to if you have a problem?
my mum
i have some close friends i talk 2
no1. I try n talk 2 1 of my best mates... but its so hard sumtimes

3.) when out of these times, do u feel lonely?
when I wake up, and i realise im on my own.. ((again!))
It depends, if lots of people are talkin bout sumthin i dont know about, i feel left out
i feel lonely occasionly but not often, i try n seize da moment!
all the time. It seems the more people im around the more lonely i get

4.) Are you popular?
yeah, i am actually...
i dont like the popular thing, i think it kinda makes u think ur all that... but i guess im kinda popular...
not really, but i dont care any more
not really.... but who cares! i live 4 me... not for all them!

5.) would you consider yourself...
kinda upset and mopey... i get depressed alot

6.) if someone asks if your alrite wot do u say?
yeah im gd thnx, u?
im ok
yeah im really gd... u wouldnt guess wots jus happened!...
((kinda forced smile)) yeah... im alright.... you?
shit but u know

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