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» Quiz: Would I have sex with you? ((Bi/Lesbian girls!))
Would I have sex with you? ((Bi/Lesbian girls!))
created by wolflvrgrl

Bi and lez girls, find out here if I would have sex with you...very sexy quiz.

1.) What is your favorite thing to do while having sex?
Sucking and rubbing tits...love those big jugs.
Fingering that vagina, and then licking up the sweet cum...
Shoving chicks' faces in my sexy pussy!

2.) What is your favorite female part?
Boobs. Ohhh....suck harder! Ohhhh!
The legs...
The ass, I love squeezin' butt!

3.) What kind of girl do you like?
Wide hips, sweet cum, big tits with tasty nipples!
The kind of girl that will rub her pussy all over my face, and then do me doggy-style...
I like heterosexual girls.

4.) How do you finger girls?
Jam my thumb up into her vagina, pumpin' pumpin', makin' her moan: Ooooohhhhh ooohhhhh, yeah mmmmm, HARDER! HARDER!
Get my fingers in slowly, get a little fiercer while inside....anything to give my hot bitch pleasure.
I don't touch girls' pussies...

5.) What do you do with tits?
Suck, bitch, suck the nipples!
Rub 'em 'til she cums...
Nothing. I'm a pussy-type.

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