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» Quiz: Which girl,interrupted character are you?
Which girl,interrupted character are you?
created by gothic_ana

Ever seen the movie Girl,interrupted? well everyone is welcome to do this quiz but it will be better for someone who've seen it. Find out which character you are!

1.) What's your favorite posession?
My diary
My strong will power
My chicken!!!

2.) What of the following would you most likely say?
Somebody please give me some colex!!!!!!
I'm a pathological liar
74 is the perfect weight!

3.) Why did you end up in a mental hospital?
They said i tried to kill myself cause i just took an overdose of aspirines with a bottle of vodka
I'm just a junkie
I'm anorexic and i'm proud of it!

4.) Finally..what's your real name?
Brittany Murphy
Winona Ryder
Angela Bettis
Angelina Jolie

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