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» Quiz: What Type Of Dragon Are You?
What Type Of Dragon Are You?
created by Slayzor

If you were a dragon what type would you be? Find out here!

1.) The most annyoing question returns! What are your favorite color(s)?
Black....black....and let's see....BLACK!!!!
A shadowy black color and a red or yellow.
Any shade of orange.
Earthy colors (brown, green, etc.)
Pure white.
Any crystal color (white, light colors)
Moon-white and light Gray.
I like 'em all!
The vast colors of space.
Deep forest colors.
Reddish Crimson.
Blood Red.

2.) where would you want to live as a dragon?
In the shadows of my cave or den.
In the shadows of the underworld.
I'd be a wanderer.
The desert.
In a cave full of crystals.
In a cave rich with copper.
In castles made of castles that sit high in mountainous regions.
High up in the mountanis, overlooking the forest.
Anywhere that I can get a good veiw of the full moon, it's so pretty!
I use my powers of illusion to create my home.
In the vast, wide-open Space.
In the thibk forests and jungles.
i don't need a home, I just soar through the air all day and all night.
Maybe close to a volcano?
The ever-changing plane of Limbo.

3.) What is your favorite thing to do?
Attacking others by surprise.
Fighting with hand-to-hand combat.
Hoarding treasure and magical items.
Spending time in human form.
Watching the stars on clear, cold nights.
Digging out Copper and Emeralds.
I like to do alot of things, I can't just pick ONE.
Ruling with kindness among my people.
Thinking in the starlight.
Creating illusions with my awsome powers.
Hunting during a full moon.
Practing my fighting moves.
Gliding on a breeze.
Hovering amongst the fully-blumed roses, smelling their sweet fragrence.
Destroying any type of order I can find. MUAHAHA!!!!!

4.) How do you feel about humans?
Their fun to scare, but even more fun to hunt.
I'll eat 'em if they get in my way, but I prefer other creatures instead.
Well, they're okay, but I'd rather stay away.
Oooooh I love humans! It's just so fun to hang around in their form!
Let me rule them. I will overpower them woth kindness.
I like the Irish.
If they can befirend me, we'll be fine.
I don't have any definate opinions on them.
I agree with the guy above, I don't really concentrate on them.
It's fun to tease thme with my illusions.
I'll keep my distance, I'd much rather enjoy the comforts of nature.
Why is that your bisnuess?
I'd rather just soar over the clouds without them.
Ummmm.....have to think about that....
I like them better when they're dead!

5.) One Last Question: What do you think you are?
Evil and mysterious.
Just evil....in a way.
Firey and powerful.
A human-lover.
Somthing that loves space and solitude.
Somthing that has to do with the Irish.
A kind-hearted soul.
A leader.
a nocturnal hunter.
The master of illusions!
A mysterious, natural hunter.
An earthy sort of person.
An airborn spirit.
I don't know, that's why I took the quiz!!!!
A pure evil killer, the ruler of death.

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