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» Quiz: Are u fuckable?
Are u fuckable?
created by SxyAzynChic

This is just to make me wet but also I hope you'll get wet taking it. Don't U2U me or anything.

1.) I'm slowly undressing you with my teeth, u....
Stare at my tits while I'm undressing you, and finger me.
Just rip both our clothes off and fuck me
Lick me, Finger me, stick your tounge in my vagina, and fuck me.

2.) We're at a party, I whisper dirty thoughts into your ear, while rubbing your vagina, u....
Rip both our clothes off and give everyone at the party a show they'll never forget.
Take me to another room and fuck me
Tell me to stop and then scoot away
make out with me on the sofa

3.) I come to your door in a miniskirt(just below my vagina), no thongs or panties, and a tight tubetop(no bra), rains comes and wets my tubetop making my nipples appear, u.....
Waste no time and just fuck me right there
Carry me to your bedroom, tie me up, eat me out, and then fuck me.
Close the door on me
Rip our clothes off, finger me, lick me, and fuck me

4.) We're trapped naked and it's just you and me for 24 hours you....
Fuck me for 24 hours
Lick my whole body 5 times and then fuck me
Stay away from me the whole time
Finger me, lick me, and fuck me
Just finger me, lick me, and kiss me

5.) We're alone in your house,we're both naked, I start to finger you, lick you, and then I kiss you, I whisper dirty thoughts into your ear softly, u....
Spank me, lick me, finger me, and fuck me
Tell me to continue doing that stuff while you suck me tits
Kiss me but that's all
I'm wet baby come fuck me!

6.) You find me in bed with a hot naked sexy woman and we're fucking like crazy you.....
Get in between us and fuck us both
Get popcorn, sit down, and watch us
Make me fuck you, whiel the other chick licks your vagina

7.) Are the questions in this quiz making u hot or wet?
Yeah of course it's hot, but I'm not wet
I'm hot and wet baby.
I'm oh so wet fuck me now!
Ewww no! FREAK!

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