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» Quiz: What Kind of Rider Are You?
What Kind of Rider Are You?
created by CanYouCatchABreeze

Find out what kind of rider you are! Please only take this quiz if you know something about horses. I also ask that you answer by what you 'would' do, not what you want to think you'd do. Otherwise the quiz is pointless.

1.) Say your exercising a young horse as favor for a friend, unexpectedly the animal bolts. What would you do?
Pull on the reins until they stop, then make them work harder and longer than originally planned.
Sit down and put tension on the reins, but dont worry, they have to stop sometime.
You wouldnt have gotten on the horse in the first place, so it doenst really matter. You never know what could happen with those babies...
Squeal, and hold on for dear life.
Push the horse harder until he cant keep going anymore.

2.) Your looking to buy a first horse, youv had lessons for a couple years and are viewed as an average rider. What type of horse would you look for?
Something thats fully trained, nice to look at, and will win right away.
Something a little younger, has the basics down but needs work on the more advanced work.
A gelding that knows his job. You dont want any unnecessary crap.
Older, seen and done it all type horse. Looks dont really concern you, just something you can trust not to bully.
Pretty is the name of the game, maybe a palomino or a buskskin.You need to catch peoples attention to win.

3.) Your bathing a horse whom is usually calm, and really doesnt care, when he freaks and sits on his butt. What happens from there?
Yell at him to quit and smack him over the ass.
Hopefully that wouldnt happen, but if it did Id probably just untie the horse and be done.
Smack him over the butt and keep washing him like nothing had happened...
Take away what ever freaked him out, and wait until he calmed down to start cleaning again.
Crap...obviously hes not going to behave today.

4.) Which discipline would you prefer to try? Whether you do it or not which interestes you the most?
wester/english pleasure
reining, working cow horse, etc
3 day eventing

5.) Quick Question, what breed of these horses do you prefer?
Quarter Horse

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