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» Quiz: Are you strict or gentle with horses?
Are you strict or gentle with horses?
created by horse_princess_eca

1.) You're leading your horse to his pasture. He bumps into you hard from behind. What do you do?
Walk faster
Stop, turn around, and say no REALLY quickly.
Kick him gently with your leg on his breat and/or leg area
Turn around VERY quickly, and slap his neck

2.) You are riding a spirited and mean horse, and he pinns his ears back, and bucks, you...........
grab the horse's neck for dear life!
Pull the horse to a stop, then ride on
You turn the horse sharply, and make him trot in a circle
You yell NO!, and trot him in a circle
Stop him, slap his neck while saying NO!

3.) You are training a big yearling how to lunge. He bolts because a bird just flew past his face, and you...............
llet go, you don't want to break the beutiful horse's natual spirit
You say easy boy and pull a little on the lead, but try your best to stop him
Yell Woe! Easy! and pull on the lead to stop him from getting into worse danger
You pull hard on the rope, and yell 'WOE! WOE!
You yank the rope with all your body power

4.) You are riding an old and small pony, and he won't trot, you...................
Nothing, the horse is too old to do it anyway
You try to push him to trot, but you leave the horse walk after failing 5 times
Try 20 times, and was able to get her to walk faster, but the horse is sweating, so you walk again
Push the pony to it's fullest, and make it trot 2 times around the the arena, then walk it
Make the old pony trot then canter even though the horse is limping!

5.) You are in the pasture with your horse, and he pinns his ears back, then trys to nip you. What do you do?
Back away from the horse
You back away, and say no
You push his head away, and say no
slap his nose
Slap the horse's neck and say NO! really loudly!

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