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» Quiz: What kinda Chick are you ??(oviously for girls)
What kinda Chick are you ??(oviously for girls)
created by totally_wild14

heres what will tell you what kinda girl you are

1.) What kinda music do you listen to !!!!!!!
Rap..hip hop..shyt like lil kim...eminem..50 cent Dr.Dre...
Classic rock like lets say kiss...acdc...van halen...dio...iron maiden..
stuff like sarai....mandy moore...kelly clarkson..girly kinda stuff..stuff chiks like when there hangin out with OTHER chiks
hardcore stuff like avenged sevenfold...the virus...pantera...disturbed...misfits
stuff you can shake your booty to

2.) how do you wear your make up
nice pinks and blues and blush and shiny lip balms that taste good to
i dont wear none im naturally beautiful
dont wear none cause im to busy break dancing
heavy eyeliner..dark lip stick..dark eye shadow
nuthin im a tomboy

3.) How do you wear your hair
i just leave it down since i hate doin my hair
first i die it black then expierment with it and spike it
i dont wear my hair any way its always covered by my yankee hat
i cut my hair real short cause i like to flip it
in various ways...i get perms and straighten it and put it up

4.) what kinda clothes do you wear...
regular clothes i guess
mini skirts..tight shirts...kinky shoes...tight pants..thongs
baggy pants...t-shirts...jerseys...nike shoes...converse
southpole...jnco....baggy stuff..jerseys(mostly basketball)....air force 1's
all black...band shirts...stuff with chains on it...converse..platform shoes...baggy pants

5.) what stores do you shop at...
i dont shop ive had my clothes for like 3 years
hollister...pacsun...gadzooks...american eagle...abercrombie and fitch
hot topic....spencers
any store that i want
i dont shop...its not my thing

6.) whats your best feature
my academics
my fighting
my music
my flirtation skills
my pick up lines

7.) what accesories do you wear with your clothes...
pretty necklaces with various belts..and cute hangin earrings with my gucci purse
a pack to hold my pencils
my big bling bling necklace with my bandana and gat
my chains and choker necklaces
my strap on

8.) what would you do if someone approached you and started cussin you out
i be like bitch get the fuck out my face before i fuck u up...BITCH
i be like OMG you stupid slut whore get out of my face you skany slutbag ho
i would run away and get a teaher since fighting is bad
id slice them with the extra blade in my pocket
id bust there grill up and protect all the girls

9.) did you like this quiz (caution answer the way you really would)
OMG like yeaaaa who wouldnt....we should have a slumber party
i guess
i loved it but i have to go finish my math HW now
go fuck a goat you poor loser homo..by the way i liked the quiz
what bitch yea fo rizzle this quiz was the shizzle

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